VanSans is a humanist sans family, created to bring a fun and warm spirit into a minimalistic design. It was inspired by the city of Vancouver, merging an industrial feel with the friendliness and openness of its people. Featuring a large x-height and open counters, it’s clear and legible in both print and screen environments. The family is designed to be flexible and adapt to any typographic hierarchy a designer will need. With weights ranging from Thin to Black, it supports both extended Latin and Cyrillic with multiple OpenType features. VanSans works best in editorial, web branding and advertising – and is ready to be challenged by you. 
VanSans features:
• Low contrast and open counters
• 1400+ glyphs in 16 styles
• Extended Latin and Cyrillic
• Support for 219 Latin based languages including Vietnamese (Latin Plus)
• OpenType features like: small caps, ligatures, old-style, tabular, fractions, case sensitive forms.

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