Nuber Next - family expansion
In mid 2018 I was commissioned to extensively expand Nuber typeface family, designed by Jonathan Hill. Originally consisting of two upright weights (thin and black), me carrying out the design of additional seven masters with two axes—weight and width—ranging in weights from compressed to extended. In a time-frame of three months, typeface was produced as a variable font, with its upright and italic styles extended to almost 600 glyphs in 72 instances.
Buy the typeface HERE.​​​​​​​
Strajk - display typeface
Strajk ('Protest' in English) is a simple display typeface designed for use on demonstration signs. The random weight distribution gives it a handwritten feel, without losing legibility. It works great in big sizes and can support every cause!
When I’m not designing type, I’m putting in time in learning how to work with the tool. Practicing lettering and calligraphy helps me understand the origin of the letter-shapes and possibilities of the writing instrument.  
36 days of type
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