My name is Kaja Slojewska and I'm a Polish-born graphic-turned-typeface designer, currently living in lovely Vancouver, Canada.
Having the background in traditional art and graphic design, I've became fascinated with letterforms. This passion led me to study a Masters in Type Design at the University of Reading, which I've graduated with a distinction in 2017. Shortly thereafter I have decided to become a full-time freelance type designer. My interest is in researching harmonization between letterforms from a variety of different cultural backgrounds. Since 2018 I'm being mentored by the former Type Director of Monotype UK, Nadine Chahine.
As Nomad Fonts, I've worked with individuals and companies to design custom logotypes, expand typeface families and create custom fonts. In my own time I focus on personal type projects which are being published.​​
My work philosophy is centred on delivering high quality projects and crafting designs which speak for themselves. I believe listening and understanding is key to meeting any client's needs, ensuring a collaborative experience where communication is key. My work is based on extensively researching the topic and comprehending the client's objectives. Being a fast learner I enjoy challenges, paying close attention to detail and finding solutions quickly.
At present, I want to focus on promoting openness and transparency in the field of type design. Being a designer at the beginning of my career, I want to help others by sharing my experiences, and talking about fair compensation and treatment in terms of contracts and royalties.​​​​​​​
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